John Packer JP011CH Flute C Curved+Straight Head in Silverplate

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JP011CH Flute C Curved+Straight Head in Silverplate

Kategorie: Querflöte

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JP011CH curved and straight head silver plated excellent student flute with a positive response to support a novice player. Supplied with an additional curved headjoint for ease of play by young novices. Comes with case cover, cleaning rod, internal gauze and polishing cloth.


  • Strong silverplated keywork - For reliability and good appearance
  • Novice friendly headjoint design - Promotes easy learning and good sound
  • E mechanism - Helps to support top E
  • Accurate tuning scale - For better performance
  • Additional curved headjoint - For increased comfort, shorter stretch and better balance for smaller players

Blasinstrument-Art: Querflöte
Instrument: Blasinstrumente

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